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Easter Activities and Updated Organizational Efforts

We had a great Easter weekend with lots of love and laughter. My place was the main Easter egg hiding ground with 17 eggs that all opened up to surprise goodies inside – compliments of David’s mom. I got to do the hiding and we had a blast as David hunted for his goodies. Then, she also cooked a fabulous dinner for three adults and one very excited 5-year-old. I did a quick cleanup thanks to the dishwasher. :)

Today, I met David and his Mom outside my front door where the bus stops. We were out early in the chilly fresh air as David went back to school for the first time since his Easter break started Friday, March 30th. While it was cool this morning, it was a lot better than the hail storm we had first thing on the 30th. It’s also nice and sunny today and I came back inside with a great feeling of wanting to get back to the keyboard. Could be grabbing the third cup of coffee didn’t hurt, either.

Organizing and Creating Lists

Today, I am in the list-building mood. Not only have I written out my to-do list for this week, but I purchased a journal Saturday that I’m using to create an over-all list for each task. The front page has the main topics listed, and then the next couple of pages are by topics such as Mystery Book Reviews (listing the books yet to be reviewed, then will cross off when done), what is yet to complete for my Home and Garden sites, PLR Online topics yet to be done, and so forth.

I will probably have a separate page to list sites that still need Aweber opt-in forms or at least those that need an upgrade (like this site – too dull and boring right now with the plain blue). Another page will be for the Squidoo lenses that need updated and another separate page for those topics I want to/need to create as support for the niche sites.

There is just so much to do that I can’t keep track of it all. This way I have the numerous to-do lists by subject and can easily check them off, or add to the list, as needed.

Task Overwhelm 

The only negative to all of this is that it all looks so overwhelming at times. These lists don’t take into account the blog and forum comments I try to do daily, the social media sites I try to touch bases with, etc.

I’m hoping that these lists will help lighten up my sometimes slow brain and the load I feel on my shoulders as I try to remember everything, and allow me to work at what seems right and good at the time.

How are you at organizing? What do you do, if anything, to keep yourself on task? I would love to hear your ideas!


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